Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Testing... Testing?? Is this thing on?

Hello blog-readers! I appologize for my absence over the last few weeks. If you've been keeping up with me since the New Year, then you know that one of my resolutions was to become better at this "blogging-stuff"..... obviously I've had a little set-back :o) But I'm back & ready to continue on in my quest to blog semi-regularly.

Here's a few shots from a recent family shoot..... This beautiful family (really, aren't they just beautiful?!) has lots of changes coming up.... and you know what changes call for... new photos! I like their way of thinking!

These two love birds are very dear to my heart.... I photographed Rachel & Ben's engagement photos and then their wedding almost one year ago (I can't believe it's almost been a year, guys!). Now their family photos and SOON maternity photos! Unknown to us all (Rachel & Ben included) there was a little one baking-away during this shoot.... they found out the great news shortly thereafter & Rachel told me by saying "Um, we're going to need to schedule another photo session with you!" I am SO excited for you two! Beyond words! You'll be INCREDIBLE parents..... I am blessed to be a part of your lives!
My photographer friend David Spence @ www.encrephotography.com & I both needed some updated photos of ourselves for our websites..... You know, everyone wants to check out the "About the Photographer" page and.... well the photos I had just weren't too fresh. Anywho, Spence & I spent one afternoon taking photos of each other for our pages & here are a few of the awesome Spence for your viewing pleasure!

If you check out my newly improved "About Me" tab on my website you'll notice a few of the photos Spence took of me..... Also sporting the wicked mustard yellow car featured above. I promise we didn't ONLY take pictures with this car.... But I do love this car..... Just a random car which I can always count on to be parked in the same junky area where I have taken many photos in my day! To prove we didn't ONLY shoot car photos, here's one Spence took of me.... And managed to make me look decently cool :o)

I HIGHLY recommend Spence to anyone in the Tulsa area looking for portraits.... Especially senior sessions..... he's awesome. TRUST me! Go... check him out! www.encrephotography.com (PS, his site is under construction so email him for more info!)
Well, my blogging friends, that's enough for this evening. I'm off to pack my bags.... I'm headed to Boston tomorrow to shoot a wedding for the fabulous Laura & Ryan. Talk about beautiful people!.... hold on to your hats folks.... the next blog will contain shots from their wedding & I can already promise it'll be worth the wait!