Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Natalie & Adam - Wedding Day - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

EMOTION! That was the theme surrounding this wedding day for me... I, of course, love photos that convey true, honest to goodness emotion in them and I had a hay-day getting hundreds of those shots on this wedding day.

Let's skip the chatter and get to the photos, shall we?

We're starting this off at The Rossville Inn Bed & Breakfast in Hamilton.... It was a beautiful location for the girls to get dressed and for Natalie & Adam's first look.

I snuck around the corner of the door to get this shot of Natalie & her sweet mom. I may be watching too much America's Next Top Model these days, but I love that I can see the emotion coming from Natalie's mama's eyes even though she's not looking anywhere towards the camera. Headed down to meet her groom...
Natalie & Adam decided to see each other before the ceremony to allow themselves to get into their reception quicker after the ceremony was over. I helped arrange a private "first look" time for them in the gardens behind the B&B. Everyone went inside so that they could share this moment alone. It was absolutely beautiful. More emotion, comin' at ya...Favorite.
Um.... are you kidding me with this bouquet?! Gorgeous!
Their ceremony and reception were both held at the Beach House at Lake Lyndsay in Hamilton. This week had been so rainy and gloom, and was on the wedding day until about 30 minutes before the ceremony began.... Then this happened...
Emotion. Love it.
Bridal Party... You were all fantastic. Thanks so much for being super fabulous... Yes, even the groomsmen, who picked on me endlessly. :)
The reception was full of fun... Just as Natalie & Adam had planned. Everyone danced the night away under the beautiful big blue sky. This was during their first dance...
Mr & Mrs.... There is no where I would rather have been on Saturday, then at your wedding. I have loved every second of getting to know you both better and am honored to now call you my friends. I hope your photos help you never forget the way you looked at each other on this brilliant day and that you hold on to that feeling forever. I love you, both. xoxo-Amanda

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sarah & Neil - Maternity - Cincinnati Photographer

Neil first contacted me a few months back about scheduling a maternity session for he & his wife Sarah. The rain this last week delayed us a few days, but we were able to find a nice afternoon & just barely missed the clouds! ...and just in time, as Sarah was only 3 weeks away from her due date at the time of this shoot! I couldn't get over how great she looked!

Here's a quick sneak peek for them...

A classic maternity shot that I always love...
I absolutely love doing maternity/newborn... really, any kind of family shoots IN the home... It just makes it extra special, I think, so I asked if we could take a couple quick shots in their gorgeous living room.
...and I'm so glad we did once I spotted this framed ultrasound photo, because this is definitely my favorite shot of the day:

They're going to have one beautiful baby!
Sarah & Neil, it was SO nice to meet you both and I can not wait to meet your son!! Not much longer! Congrats!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Britni - Maternity - Cincinnati Photographer

I first met Britni & Petey over a year ago when they contacted me about wedding photography. Last January I watched as they tied the knot, and was super excited to hear in the Spring that they were expecting! They came down from Dayton this weekend for their maternity session... Here's a few from our morning together.

They're having a baby girl & naming her Daisy... call me cheesy, but I had to go buy a few daisies for a couple shots :)

Thank you guys for coming down - it was so good to see you both! I can't wait to meet Daisy! Congrats!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Five on Friday - Favorites

I'm actually remembering to do this post for once! Hooray!

For this week's Five on Friday edition, I'm going to share 5 random favorite things.

Yum-o. I love this stuff. Hayden thought he was being a good husband one day and bought a jar for me, but he bought the wrong kind and it wasn't so good. Has to say "Farmer's Garden" on it... Sooo good.

For my birthday, one of my sweet clients, Michelle, sent me a few Pumpkin Spice candles from Secret Garden. Pumpkin candles are my favorite scent & I am super picky about them because of that. Secret Garden's scent has taken the lead as my new favorite fall fragrance. Go check them out online.

3. Crushed Ice

Until we moved into this house we had the "old" refrigerators where you had to actually "make" your own ice.... (Gasp! Right? :) Well, in the new house we are a little more up to date & have ice in the door. I can not get enough crushed ice. Seriously. My favorite is crushed ice with Pepsi. I don't know why. I'm a nerd.

There are a few random places that I get inspiration from for photography... One of which is ANTM. I'm often telling bridesmaids to "work it out ANTM-style" & I'm grateful for the crash course in modeling that Tyra shows us fashion-loving viewers every week, because it seriously helps the subjects I shoot if they watch it. However, I will say that the over the top "acting" (I hesitate to even call it that) that Tyra does more & more each season makes me a crazy person. I cringe sometimes it's so bad. But alas, I still watch.

5. Anniversaries

Monday will be my 7 year wedding anniversary. We're going out tomorrow night to celebrate while my dad watches Noah (thanks, dad!). I pulled out a few old photo albums this morning and had fun reminiscing on where we've been in the 9 years we have known each other. The people we were & the people we've become. The bad times (though there isn't typically pictures of the bad :) and the good times. So here's to anniversaries for giving us an opportunity to reflect!

Happy 7 years, babe! I love you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Janie Rae Band - Promo Shoot - Cincinnati Photographer

Janie is finishing up her CD & contacted me about doing promotional photos for the CD & new site. This last weekend, I met up with her and had fun doing a few different "vibes" for her to choose from. Here's a few of each!
I love her custom Taylor!
Janie -You are just lovely! I can't wait to hear the new CD & hopefully come see you play live soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kathleen Senior Session! - Cincinnati Senior Photography

Today my cousin, Kathleen came up from Tennessee along with my Aunt Francie and other cousin, Emma. Kathleen is a senior in high school this year (graduating TEN years after me! Holy crap, I'm old!). I was SO excited when they decided to come up to Cincinnati for me to shoot this session for her! I already have ideas for her little sister, Emma's senior session... We're just a few years away from that. :)

Anyways, I almost NEVER blog the same day as a shoot, but I just love these too much not to share today! Here's a sneak peek....

We started off with a little vintage in a field near my house... See the stool she's sitting on? That sat in our Great Grandma's kitchen our entire childhood and has been in my house since she passed away. I thought it would be a perfect prop for her session :)

Next up, downtown.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing senior sessions... They let me be my super funky self :) Clearly, the hot leg gene in the family passed me by and went straight to her...
She's ridiculously gorgeous.
We ended our session with a trip to Graeter's.... These next couple summarize why being young is so fabulous.
Thanks again for coming up guys!! I love you all and it was SO good to see you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So you say you want to be a wedding photographer? - Internship Opportunity!

I'm often asked how I began in the wide world of photography. I am a "hands-on" learner, and was super blessed to have been given the opportunity to intern with another wedding photographer. I attended classes hosted by him for myself and a couple other interns multiple times a week, and second shot to my hearts content.

I am going to be opening up a similar opportunity to another individual (or two)! This will be an excellent time to learn from the ground up and build your portfolio. This internship opportunity is not a paid position, but can (& hopefully will!) lead to a paid assistant position after the completion of the internship.

Intern applicants must be in the Greater-Cincinnati area, have a passion for photography, have great people skills, and be fun! :) (Key word: FUN!)

For more information & to apply, please email me at:

Excited for what's in store in 2010!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stacey & Sam - Wedding Day - Vevay, Indiana

Last Saturday I drove... and drove... and drove... and ended up in Vevay, Indiana. :) Vevay is a little town along the river in Indiana that's just a little over an hour away from Cincinnati. I went there a few times as a kid geode hunting (google it.) but it's been years since I've graced Vevay with my presence. It was a bit of a drive, but it was a gorgeous one! I took lots of back roads and had fun cruising the country roads enjoying the beautiful weather. Sam & Stacey celebrated their wedding day at the Ogle Haus. I'm not sure how they had such a sweet setup, but they literally had this entire hotel for themselves. All of their guests could stay there, their ceremony & reception was there... It was pretty awesome.

Let's get to the photos, shall we?

I love when grooms sport a little of their personal style on their wedding day, so was I stoked to see Sam in his DC shoes.
After spending a few minutes with the guys, I headed up to check on the ladies & capture Stacey getting into her beautiful wedding gown.
Loving this special moment with Stacey & her mom...The AMAZING Becky, of McCabe's Greenhouse, supplied the bouquets & centerpieces. I say it to every bride I meet, and I'll say it again. Call her. Now.I knew the moment I met Stacey that she'd be a stunning bride. I love it when I'm right.
Stacey and Sam are such a laid back, fun loving couple. I love this shot because it really depicts their relationship. Work it out, girl.
Their reception was a blast, and as per usual, I spent dinner time taking detail shots.... New favorite ring shot? Possibly.
This is Stacey's beautiful little girl, Lily.... My heart is happy looking at this shot.

Everyone had a blast dancing the night away.... A million years ago (or 10) I went to high school with these dancing queens... Good to see you all again!
Stacey & Sam - I wish you ALL of the best! You are such a sweet couple & I know great things are in your future! xoxo -Amanda