Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stacey & Sam - Wedding Day - Vevay, Indiana

Last Saturday I drove... and drove... and drove... and ended up in Vevay, Indiana. :) Vevay is a little town along the river in Indiana that's just a little over an hour away from Cincinnati. I went there a few times as a kid geode hunting (google it.) but it's been years since I've graced Vevay with my presence. It was a bit of a drive, but it was a gorgeous one! I took lots of back roads and had fun cruising the country roads enjoying the beautiful weather. Sam & Stacey celebrated their wedding day at the Ogle Haus. I'm not sure how they had such a sweet setup, but they literally had this entire hotel for themselves. All of their guests could stay there, their ceremony & reception was there... It was pretty awesome.

Let's get to the photos, shall we?

I love when grooms sport a little of their personal style on their wedding day, so was I stoked to see Sam in his DC shoes.
After spending a few minutes with the guys, I headed up to check on the ladies & capture Stacey getting into her beautiful wedding gown.
Loving this special moment with Stacey & her mom...The AMAZING Becky, of McCabe's Greenhouse, supplied the bouquets & centerpieces. I say it to every bride I meet, and I'll say it again. Call her. Now.I knew the moment I met Stacey that she'd be a stunning bride. I love it when I'm right.
Stacey and Sam are such a laid back, fun loving couple. I love this shot because it really depicts their relationship. Work it out, girl.
Their reception was a blast, and as per usual, I spent dinner time taking detail shots.... New favorite ring shot? Possibly.
This is Stacey's beautiful little girl, Lily.... My heart is happy looking at this shot.

Everyone had a blast dancing the night away.... A million years ago (or 10) I went to high school with these dancing queens... Good to see you all again!
Stacey & Sam - I wish you ALL of the best! You are such a sweet couple & I know great things are in your future! xoxo -Amanda

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