Monday, June 29, 2009

Autumn & Jeff - Wedding Day!

Within 60 seconds of chatting with Autumn when we first met, I knew I liked her. She's one of those girls that's so naturally gorgeous that you just want to hate her (come on ladies, you know what I'm talking about!).... but Autumn has SUCH an amazing personality, that you instantly fall in love with her. That's exactly what happened between her & Jeff.

Prepare for a longer post than normal folks... If I had the time tonight, I might be blogging double the number of images you're about to see. I loved this wedding THAT much.

Jeff & Autumn had a small, intimate ceremony at Mission Heights in Aurora, Indiana, followed by a large reception (also at Mission Heights). I have to say, I am quite impressed that the 2 weddings I have shot in Indiana turned out to be 2 of my very favorite locations. I'm from SE Indiana... so I can say that :) I'm impressed, Aurora... Way to go. :)

Autumn's mom *and Maid of Honor*, helping her get dressed....Sooooo... there's lots of pictures of Autumn. Really though, can you blame me?! She's breath-taking!The next two don't fit the "feel" of the rest of these shots, but we came across a few rooms that we couldn't pass up for some funky vintagey-shots....and Jeff. I didn't have the opportunity to meet Jeff before the wedding day, since he lives out of town, so this was also my first time watching he & his bride interacting together. Oh goodness... they're in some serious love. Adorable.
Jeff's niece's sang before & during the ceremony... AMAZING voices!
Are you kidding me with this location?! Seriously! (PS, over that huge hill you're looking at is the Ohio River)Moments after walking back down the aisle as husband & wife... an intimate moment together.
Totally almost slid down the hill taking this next shot... It isn't good unless you get injured, right?! :)First dance as husband & wife........and finally, you know I couldn't end this weeks blog without a word about MJ. Michael Jackson. Autumn's friend made her an MJ "glove" and during an 11 minute multi-MJ-song-remix, she tossed it on & everyone partied down. King of Pop, this one's for you! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


A few months back I received an email from a woman named Barb asking me what I would think about shooting during a black-belt testing at a local Karate club. It's something I have never done, and sounded super cool, so of course I said yes.... I'm SO glad I did this & so thankful that Barb contacted me (Thanks, Barb!!). It was so awesome! I'll let the photos speak for themselves on this one. I went into this knowing nothing about karate, and left hungry to learn more.

The following shots were taken at the Bellbrook Karate Club in Bellbrook, Ohio.

This was amazing.... I'm still in awe :) (PS, they were both testing for their black belts.... and both succeeded! Congrats!!) (PSS, look at the kids in the bottom right hand of the photo... Too cute!)
After the 2 new black belts finished their testing, the kids were up next. There were different groups testing for different color belts. I was SO impressed with these kids... I came home & told Hayden that Noah needs to do karate... the amount of discipline that you can tell these kids have is fantastic.
Let's not mention that I can't even do THIS part.
Shihan Richardson, the dojo's (karate school) owner, after presenting their new belts.
Switching into the new (well-deserved!) belts....

Check back soon for the sneak peek from yesterdays wedding! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mailynn & Jeff - Wedding Day!

I had hoped to have this blog up a few days earlier, but as we are now smack-dab in the middle of wedding season, things are taking longer to get to than normal.... So thanks for your patience! :)

Mailynn & Jeff are an absolutely awesome couple that I first met last year when they were doing their wedding planning. I fell in love with their personalities during their engagement session & knew that their wedding day would be FUN... and it was just that! Their sweet, laid-back personalities made this day a joy to shoot!

Mailynn had TWO dresses... (yes, I'm insanely jealous :)... Here's dress #1... You'll see the other in a minute :)

If you're wondering if that is a TIRE that I have their rings on, you're exactly right. They love the outdoors, and especially love their quad (which they even brought along with them!) so I couldn't pass up getting a ring shot that really represented what they love to do... together.

Mailynn's mom helping her into dress #2!.... Mailynn wore a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress for a few family photos before the wedding, and for a portion of the reception.
Meanwhile... Jeff & his groomsmen were workin' it out....
Mailynn was so awesome with her many wardrobe changes...
They decided to see each other before the ceremony to allow them to go directly into the reception after the ceremony was over. Whenever couples choose this option, I always suggest they still do something fun for their "first-look." Here's Mailynn coming up behind Jeff for the first time in her dress....
I love this next one because it's totally Jeff & Mailynn. They love to laugh & enjoy life... and this shows it. :)
I couldn't stop talking during this next shot. Whenever I won't shut up with the "Oh girl..." "Don't move" "Perfect" "Wooooowww!"... Then you know it's going to be a good one. :)
The ceremony & reception were held at Lake Lyndsay in Hamilton, Ohio. They were a little worried about the forecast, as it had called for some rain, but it was perfect! I keep telling my outdoor ceremony brides that I'm a good luck charm on no rain weddings, and so far it's been accurate!
How much I love this next shot.... Let me count thee ways....
Sunflare... check
Smiling bride... check
Perfect timing with the Best Man pulling out the ring box... check.

Congrats, guys!! Thank you for having me along for the ride!

PS, see the post underneath this one for an extra shot from their wedding day!