Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween tonight & eating lots of food that's bad for you :)

Since Thanksgiving is now the next holiday on the docket, I thought I'd toss out a reminder that if you are interested in a holiday family session, please book it soon... I'm determined to not overwork myself this winter, so I'll only be scheduling a few more sessions for the end of November & December.

...and because every post is better with a few pictures, here's one of the adorable Keaton from her shoot a few weeks back... Isn't she the cutest cat ever?!
...and one more... Here's me and my little Rocky tonight. He did such an awesome job trick or treating, and then came home to pass out candy to all of the other kids. He was just adorable. I'm so blessed :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jessica & Daniel - Wedding Day! - Winona Lake, Indiana

Jessica is a fellow photographer, who's wedding I was honored to photograph. I cruised a little over 4 hours north into the corn fields of Indiana to Winona Lake. It's a beautiful little town, which is especially charming in the fall. The fall themed wedding that Jessica & Daniel had was perfect down to every detail, and as fall is my favorite season, I absolutely loved it!

On to the sneak peek!
Starting with some detail shots.... Jessica got ready at her parents home, which I loved...
It was a chilly day, but Jessica had an adorable jacket made for her to wear, as well as this antique mink, which looked super glam with her handmade birdcage veil:

Jessica's brother, Jeff, walking her up the street to see her groom for the first time.....
The first look:Fave:
Jessica & Daniel are such a fun loving couple... I have really enjoyed getting to know them both, and have shared lots of laughs with them. They're honest to goodness joyful people to be around.
HELLO Jessica! Fierce! :)
Reception details! A full fall feast, complete with apple cider, pumpkin pie & candy corn. Yum-o!
If you notice the sign in the next shot, you'll see a little German up there. Daniel has lived in Germany his entire life before coming to Indiana for college. His family came from Germany for the wedding and brought with them the most delish chocolate I've had since my trip to Scotland a few years back. Tonight I cracked open the bottle of blackberry wine they gave me along with the German chocolate as I worked on this blog. Mmmmm.... Thank you Manduka family! :)
Jess & Daniel - You're fantastic. Enough said. xoxo to you both, Amanda

Baby Sam - Newborn Portraits

Oh, Baby Sam! He's just perfect. Sweetest little face.... see for yourself.
Proof that he's adorable.... I guess this next shot could be considered an "outtake" as he was getting a little annoyed with my photography antics at this point, but HELLO! STILL cute when he's crying! Look at that perfect little pouty lip!
...and then I was nice & left him sound asleep in his crib. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ashley & Chris - Engagement Session - Cincinnati Wedding Photography

2 blogs in one night! Woo-hoo! I'm slowly catching up!

Ashley & Chris are ridiculously adorable as you're about to see. They live in Colorado, so I was super excited when they flew down for their engagement session. We shot around the Miami of Ohio campus, which is where Ashley attended, and where she & Chris first met. We hit some memorable spots for them that they hadn't been to in awhile & it was so much fun! I can't wait for their wedding next year!

Enjoy the sneak peek:

Eden & Ava - Sisterly Love

As I mentioned in my last post, I am BEHIND, so thank you for your patience & bearing with me as I play catch up this week. For that reason, the next few blog posts will be shorter than normal... I'd rather get SOMETHING up for you right now rather than nothing, so maybe these shoots will be re-featured at another time :)
On to this post.....

Eden & Ava are two absolutely adorable sisters who I had the privilege of spending a few hours with. It was FREEZING cold and they were total troopers & pushed through the chilly weather. Here are a couple from our time together:

Thinking of something mischievous, I'm sure :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christy & Jason - Wedding Day - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Christy & Jason had a simply beautiful mostly-outdoor wedding last Saturday at the Krippendorf Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center. The breathtaking colors of fall surrounded them during the ceremony, and provided the perfect backdrop for their vintage wedding theme.

Here's a sneak peek into their wedding day...

Jason awaiting his bride....Christy's sweet mom handing her daughter to her new husband....Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I loved how this huge old tree stood directly between them..... "2 becoming 1...."I also love this tear rolling down Christy's cheek as Jason reads to her his vows.After the ceremony, I spent some time with Jason & Christy shooting some fun & relaxed portraits.
Christy, I told you this a million times already, but you are GORGEOUS.
The work they put into the tiny details was SO worth it. These are the place seating cards.... Christy worked so hard finding the little "gems" for each card & making them into magnets so the guests could take them home. Many of them chosen specifically for certain guests as well.

Christy & her mom searched vintage stores for months to find all of the little silver pieces used as centerpieces.My favorite detail, was the photobooth they created themselves for their guests to have a little fun with and provide an adorable alternative to the traditional guestbook..... Everyone joined in & had so much fun with it.

Congrats again, Christy & Jason! Much love to you both - Amanda