Thursday, October 15, 2009

The "P" Family

Proceed with caution... baby fever can and will result from viewing the next set of images. :)

Kinni, a friend of a former wedding client, contacted me to do a shoot for her little family, and especially of her baby girl, Keaton, who is about to turn 1. Let me just say, if anyone reading this blog has connections in the acting and/or modeling world, please hook this girl up. She needs a manager. Seriously. She's too cute for words.

So instead, here's pictures :)

Kinni, Keaton & Cory... an adorable family!

We also did some shots of her in her adorable Halloween costume, so I might share a few of those closer to Halloween, too :)

It was so great to meet you P family!!


Allie Reveley said...

i love the last one! great shots of this beautiful little girl!

Michelle H said...

Oh my gosh...gorgeous family, PRECIOUS little awesome photographer. Probably my fav family shoot of all time.

Autumn B. said...

Amanda...once again you have outdone yourself...truly amazing shots of little miss Keaton and the P family!!