Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tricia & Paul - Engagement Session

2 blogs in one night! Sa-weet! Hope to have 2 more up tomorrow!

I first met with Tricia a few months back about her wedding, but Paul wasn't able to make our meeting. However, they were guests at Natalie & Adam's wedding last weekend, so I was not only able to meet Paul before our engagement session, but also able to take a few shots of them dancing to prepare them to have the camera on them next! :) It's so fun when my clients are friends & I see folks at each others weddings!

On to their sneak peek....
Tricia is flipping gorgeous. I can not WAIT to see her as a bride!

This next one feels like a piece of film from an old movie to me.... And I love the hidden meaning of the "becoming one" that I tossed in there :) They rocked it out despite the creepy dude in his truck watching this shot go down...
We shot until the sun set in Mt Adams! Was a gorgeous night!

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Anonymous said...

Amanda i really love these! Especially the third one. Great shot!