Friday, September 18, 2009

Five on Friday - Favorites

I'm actually remembering to do this post for once! Hooray!

For this week's Five on Friday edition, I'm going to share 5 random favorite things.

Yum-o. I love this stuff. Hayden thought he was being a good husband one day and bought a jar for me, but he bought the wrong kind and it wasn't so good. Has to say "Farmer's Garden" on it... Sooo good.

For my birthday, one of my sweet clients, Michelle, sent me a few Pumpkin Spice candles from Secret Garden. Pumpkin candles are my favorite scent & I am super picky about them because of that. Secret Garden's scent has taken the lead as my new favorite fall fragrance. Go check them out online.

3. Crushed Ice

Until we moved into this house we had the "old" refrigerators where you had to actually "make" your own ice.... (Gasp! Right? :) Well, in the new house we are a little more up to date & have ice in the door. I can not get enough crushed ice. Seriously. My favorite is crushed ice with Pepsi. I don't know why. I'm a nerd.

There are a few random places that I get inspiration from for photography... One of which is ANTM. I'm often telling bridesmaids to "work it out ANTM-style" & I'm grateful for the crash course in modeling that Tyra shows us fashion-loving viewers every week, because it seriously helps the subjects I shoot if they watch it. However, I will say that the over the top "acting" (I hesitate to even call it that) that Tyra does more & more each season makes me a crazy person. I cringe sometimes it's so bad. But alas, I still watch.

5. Anniversaries

Monday will be my 7 year wedding anniversary. We're going out tomorrow night to celebrate while my dad watches Noah (thanks, dad!). I pulled out a few old photo albums this morning and had fun reminiscing on where we've been in the 9 years we have known each other. The people we were & the people we've become. The bad times (though there isn't typically pictures of the bad :) and the good times. So here's to anniversaries for giving us an opportunity to reflect!

Happy 7 years, babe! I love you!

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Kia Gregory said...

Hey Amanda! Kia form the [b] school. Jsut stopping by to say Happy anniversary!