Friday, September 5, 2008

Heather & JP - Wedding

Heather & JP rock my world :o) No, really... Heather was the Maid of Honor in a wedding that I shot last year & she and JP were two dating lovebirds at the time. A few months later on a cold winter night, JP got down on one knee & gave her a beautiful ring. I shot their engagement photos when I lived in Tulsa and while I was traveling back to Tulsa a few months ago I met up with Heather again to do her bridal session. Then August rolled around it it was time to pack up & go to Wisconsin for their wedding!

They're just such a fun couple & I have really enjoyed my time in getting to know them since we first met last summer. The wedding was just gorgeous..... Heather's dress was perfect, the colors were perfect.... Really, it was just an amazing day! They both have such great families backing them in this new time of their life. I am having a majorly hard time lately at weddings with crying..... It all started with Laura & Ryan in July (thanks to Ryan for that one!) but it's continued! And I think I've figured out one of the reasons why..... I watch these loving parents "give" their children away and can't help but think that they must be thinking "Wow, all these years... they've gone so fast! Where has my baby gone?!" Which makes me think "Oh my God.... it's going to seem like overnight that I'll be here..... doing this same thing.... watching my little Noah get married!" ........and then I just can't stop crying.

It was especially hard on this beautiful August day because Heather & her dad (who's also the Pastor of their church there in Kenosha) made this AWESOME video to be played right before she came down the aisle.... I can't even begin to describe it because I know I can't do it justice. Basically, it was to this song... something about a dad singing about dancing with Cinderella (his daughter)... Honestly, I had to block it out after a while & just think "you're working, just work...." or someone would have had to scrape me up off the floor.

Fast forward to yesterday.... I'm headed over to Best Buy to purchase a new laptop and am flipping radio stations.... It comes on! So I (now no longer working, obviously) can actually listen to the song in full.... I was picturing Heather & her dad... and that video.... and I started weeping. Holy moly. It was bad. I literally had to turn it off because I was becoming so red & blotchy that surely the dudes at Best Buy would think I had just been beat up or something (Yah, I'm NOT a pretty crier....)

ANYWAYS, let's get to the good stuff :o)

Congrats you two! Much love from Ohio! :o)

These photos are sort of small on this blog (if you know how to make them bigger by the way, email me!) Anyways that slideshow they're watching says "Grow old along with me..." I just love this photo!
This cake was AMAZING. Biggest cake I've attempted to fit into a photo for sure! 13 cakes large, it was just beautiful & tasted oh-so-good!

Heather's nephew.... The ring bearer... SO adorable!

JP & his backup singers "serenading" Heather....

The amazing old truck they left in...


Widney Woman said...

You actually made me wish I had pictures like this from our wedding. We did our wedding exactly the way we wanted it to be done. No regrets. But you actually made me a bit wistful. No small feat, Donaho!

Rachel said...

i have been waiting for this blog... love it! definitely some amazing pictures from an amazing day :)