Monday, October 27, 2008

Noah and the Pathetic Pumpkin.

I decided that in true good-mommy tradition, I should carve a pumpkin with my 18 month old son a few days ago. We had visited a pumpkin farm a few weeks back & he got a little Noah-sized pumpkin. He's enjoyed carrying it around the house for the last few weeks & I decided it was finally time to slice him up.

So... Noah, myself, Mr. Pumpkin, my crappy point & shoot camera, and a steak knife from the kitchen headed out onto our deck to carve the pumpkin. It is at this point in the story that I should point out that I have not carved a pumpkin in at LEAST 10 years. Probably much longer. I was unaware of the uber-cool pumpkin carving toys & techniques now used by today's highly-skilled carvers. So, steak knife it was.

Before pumpkin-surgery began:

What Mr. Pumpkin was SUPPOSED to look like post-surgery:

Noah began screaming when I stabbed the pumpkin with the knife... This is why children aren't allowed in the viewing room of surgical procedures on Grey's Anatomy. Anyways, he cheered up quickly after the surgery once he realized his pumpkins head was now removable.

And the final product.... Let's just say that I shouldn't change careers for the plastic surgery industry anytime soon. (That & next year we'll be buying one of those fancy-pants pumpkin carving kits :o)


Rachel said...

i think it looks cute, amanda! what a good mom. i carved a pumpkin once, and let me tell ya, my kids are going to have to BEG me to do it again. i'll send them to your house to do it :)

Widney Woman said...

I don't see anything wrong with the pumpkin. It is far better than what I could have done - even with a kit!

A friend of mine has a carving day at her home. It's a tradition. She buys her carving equipment after Halloween each year at 50 - 75% off. I wish I had done that last year, when she told me to!