Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just Because.

PLEASE be sure to read the BIG GIVEAWAY post if you have not yet... and get your nominations in! Click HERE to read the post!

I spent this afternoon with a few of my photographer friends.... We chatted over brunch & pumpkin spice coffee & then enjoyed the surprisingly non-freezing weather by strolling around Newport, Covington & Cincinnati with our cameras taking shots of anything that jumped out to us. I love what I do, but I often forget to just shoot for the heck of it. It was so nice to chat with other professionals & just relax! Here's just a quick little set of some of the random things that grabbed my eye today (I'm a sucker for details... specifically OLD details :o) ....and I couldn't pass up my initials carved in the side of an old church!


Annie said...

One word... Vintage.

I had so much fun today it's ridiculous. :)

Cailyn (In Retrospect Photography) said...

I had fun, too!

I'm getting ready to post some of mine to Facebook... Maybe they'll hit the blog by tomorrow.

Stop being so on top of everything! ;)

Widney Woman said...

I was so excited when I read you were meeting with other pros. Such wonderful work comes out of you when you meet up. I wasn't disappointed.

J got your request and I know he is going to work on it. He's just been swamped. Did you know he is blogging now?

kristin said...

Thanks for visitng my site! BSchool is fun huh? I like how clean and bright your images are :) Sweet!