Saturday, March 28, 2009

Arise from your slumber, O thee... or is it thou?

My Winter vacation is coming to a close..... The weather is getting nice & that can mean only one thing.... Wedding season! Time for me to come out of my bear cave & get to work! Truth be told, I have a few more weeks until wedding season hits me "full force" but being out today shooting Tracey & Jason's engagement session just got me pumped up!

Note to my couples: If you have been waiting to book your engagement session until the weather perks up, NOW is the time to book your dates! I have some weekend slots open between now & the end of April, and then it's going to get slightly insane :o) So email me soon, please!

Just had to share one little sneak-peek from today.... Can't tell you how much I love these shots... The outfits... location.... oh, and the hot couple! Woot, woot!

Check back later this week for more of Tracey & Jason!


Olivia said...

Awesome!!! Love it!

Mary Marantz said...

love these!!