Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "P" Gang

I'm behind on blogging, as my life is currently being packed up in boxes & I can't keep many things straight, so forgive me as this post is coming on the late side of things.... I'm attempting to begin to get caught up again!

A few weeks ago I played out in a field with the awesome "P" kiddos & their fun loving mama, Stephanie. I LOVED witnessing each child's distinctly different personality. They are so adorable together, but also such fun individually. We had quite an interesting shoot, as the family dog that came along for the ride locked them out of their vehicle at one point... Ooops! We ended up going back to their house to get another set of keys, which is where I took this first shot... and it ended up being my favorite of the day.... So thanks puppy! :o)

I promise I did NOT tell them to hold hands! That's genuine brotherly love, folks!

The beautiful ladies of the family....

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Simone said...

You did such a great job capturing the P's!! I know the hand holding is not staged - he is an awesome big brother.