Monday, May 19, 2008


It's official! My little family will be doing lots of packing over the next two weeks as we prepare for our move at the end of this month. This obviously also means that Amanda Donaho Photography will be servicing a new area.

Tulsa has been a awesome place for myself, my family, and my camera & I'm so thankful to have met all of you whom I have been able to "shoot" - I appreciate the many of you who have made me your "go-to-photographer" for all things photo related, and the good news is that it doesn't have to end! I have several things going on in Tulsa through the end of the year & beyond, so I will still be scheduling photoshoots during my times in the area. Please contact me for date info, as the dates I will be back in town have already begun to book up quickly!

Cincinnati - here I come! If you don't already know, Cincinnati is the wonderful city from which I originally hail from & though I am sad to leave my family & friends in Tulsa, I am excited as well to catch back up with all of those in the Cincy area. I will be servicing the Southeast Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati & Dayton areas beginning June 1st. Please call or shoot me an email ( for scheduling/pricing info! There is more exciting info to come SOON on this move!

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