Monday, February 23, 2009

Babies & A Thanks....

I was hoping today to post new baby photos of my friend Rachel's beautiful new baby girl, Adelaide. My little man Noah & I traveled to Nashville to see her this weekend, and through a course of events we ended up home much sooner than anticipated. Little Noah got really sick, but thankfully he's much better now! Hooray!

Anyways, I'm just in the "baby" mood now, so I'll share some OTHER baby photos :o)

This is the lovely Lydia... isn't she a doll?!

Seriously, babies like this one & beautiful baby Adelaide (whom I wish I'd had more time with to do a shoot of her as well!) give me SERIOUS baby fever!

Also, I wanted to say a big "Thank You!" to Cora, Lydia's mama for the thoughtful gift card to the spa that she sent me.... I am now 100% convinced that the best gift you can give to your photographer (or wedding planner for that matter!) is something to do with a massage, pedicure, or facial :o) Between chasing after my energy filled 2 year old by day, and photographing by night & weekend, I rarely find time to treat myself to things like this, so this was such a fantastic surprise for me! So, thank you my dear friend!

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Cora said...

You're so welcome!!! And thank YOU for all the millions of pictures, baby showers, cleaning, babysitting, etc. etc. that you've done for me in the last couple years! I appreciate you so much!! :)