Friday, February 13, 2009

Check out my new facelift!

Amanda Donaho Photography has a new look!

My blue & brown swirly logo has served it's purpose over the last few years, and while I really loved that cute little thing, I felt it was time for some change...... My style continues to evolve & I really wanted a new look that I felt more accurately displayed who Amanda Donaho Photography really is.

My talented friend (designer & photographer) Cailyn of InRetrospect Design created my beautiful new logo that I absolutely LOVE. Thank you, girl!

If you've been around me very long, you know that my outlook on photography is much more about it being an art form for me than anything else. Some people paint with paint brushes - I paint with a Canon :o) Within that, my style is modern & fresh with a side of vintage funk. All of that is displayed in this new branding & I couldn't be happier!

So pull up a chair & check out the new diggs. I will continue to make some tweaks over the coming days (namely updating the galleries on the website & other pages/info there), so check back for more later!


Cailyn (in retrospect) said...

Girrrrl! I love the white!!

Very nice! You were a great client!

Michelle Higinbotham said...

I love the new look (I loved the old look too)! It's funky, yet simple..bea-u-tiful!