Thursday, August 14, 2008

3 (Pregnant) Women & a Photographer

So also during my time in Tulsa a few weeks back I did THREE maternity shoots! I don't do a whole lot of them, so to have three over a course of 2 days was pretty crazy for me. I learned more about pregnancy than I expected to! :o)

We'll start off with Chrissy.... Chrissy & her husband Tim are expecting their first in September. They're both SO excited about their little man's upcoming arrival & I KNOW will be amazing parents. Chrissy is a teacher & has so much patience & Tim is a jokester, so I know he'll keep things fun even at 2:00 in the morning during feedings :o) Congrats guys - I'm thrilled for you!!!

Next is Tanisha... have you ever seen a pregnant woman glow like this?! She looks amazing & I know will have such a beautiful little girl in her arms soon. I was able to sweet talk the daddy-to-be into a few pictures, but promised I wouldn't share them with the world (but aren't they good, Dale?!) They too will be such loving parents & I can't wait to see their bundle of joy!

Finally is Cora.... A very dear friend of mine (her son calls me "Auntie" if that tells you anything :o) expecting her precious baby girl in September as well. Like the other girls, Cora too is carrying so beautifully and actually makes me WANT to be pregnant! She's had an amazing pregnancy & is just so eager to have her baby girl here already to dress her in all her super cute outfits :o) Jeremy is an awesome dad & has no idea that he's about to be wrapped around little Lydia's finger for life..... For two already amazing parents, I am so happy to see them receive this blessing.

One more, because Lydia truly is a....


Cora said...

I love, love, LOVE my pics!!! Thank you SO much!!!

Rachel said...

you're going to have another maternity shoot in a few months! can't wait!