Sunday, August 24, 2008

Personal stuff.

This weekend is the first in two or three months that I haven't either been traveling, moving, or working, so we decided to relax together as a family & spend time with our friends!

Friday we went to the Taste of Blue Ash with our friends Jeff & Olivia... We sampled lots of different treats from local restaurants... Unfortunately the weather (which has been oddly cool & beautiful for August) decided to crank up the heat on us this weekend & has been steadily in the 90's, so Noah was SO HOT. I told his daddy to go grab him a drink (thinking he'd buy a bottle of water or something).... he comes back with THIS.

Yes, that would be a snow-cone almost bigger than my sons head. All I could think of was all of the sugar packed in that thing. I don't want to think about what else daddy gives him when mommy isn't around.....

Saturday afternoon & evening was spent in Indiana with our friends Alan & Erin. It was a bittersweet time for us because they are preparing to move far far away and while we're totally psyched for them & what God has in store for their lives, we are bummed to not be able to spend as much time with them as we have in recent years... Here's a photo from this weekend doing what we do best together... playing cards :o)

We're now accepting applications for a replacement couple to play Phase 10 & Nertz with. Just kidding guys, no one could ever replace you! We'll miss you like crazy!!
Sunday - We're attempting to find a church. This is hard work people! We moved to the Cincy area in June & have only had the time with me being gone shooting weddings so often over the last few months to just now begin the search. We went last week & this week to two different churches around town & it was very cool to experience such different churches. If anyone in the area is reading this & knows of a great church that we should check out, give me a shout-out!
So that's it! Our weekend in a quick summary..... This week I'll be blogging photos from Heather & JP's Wisconsin wedding.... so stick around, folks!


nertzfan said...

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Sarah Simmons said...

Woohoo! I loved reading this! I can't believe how big that snow-cone was!!! Noah's such a big boy! I'm glad you finally had a weekend to enjoy time with friends! Good luck with the church search. I hope you guys find one that meets your needs and you can get involved with! Miss ya!

Sarah Simmons said...

Oops! I meant to say more about Noah! When I read my comment, it sounded dumb! I just can't believe how grown up he is! He's such a cutey!

Rachel said...

that snow cone looks delicious! hope little noah enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda, I know of you from several mutual friends. (former Grace Church member) I live in the Cinti area and not sure what kind of church you would like to attend. There is always the Big Vineyard in Tri-county. If you would like something smaller they do have branches. We attend the Milford River Tree. If you would like some other suggestions let me know. Michelle Schmitt