Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "B" Family

Last year I shot some maternity photos for this sweet couple & it was time for updated photos where the little man, previously hidden, was much more present :o) Judah (who's name I absolutely love) is SO ADORABLE. There aren't words for how cute this kid is. He is such a perfect combination of his parents... When he was first born I really thought he looked more like his beautiful mama, Kalena, but as he grows older I for sure see alot of his daddy, Dallas, in him. He is a perfect combo of the two & I must say that they make some pretty babies!

Here are just a couple shots from our shoot while in was in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month

I realize I haven't done any personal blogs as of late & really want to begin doing so a little more... I often send my future clients to my blog to "get to know me & my style a little better" and while I feel like I represent my style here, I'm slacking on the "get to know ME" better part.... So soon I will start sharing more about me, what's going on in the Donaho household, and any other random fun things I can think of :o) So prepare yourselves!

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Sarah Simmons said...

I love the pics! I can't wait for the "get to know me" blogs!!!