Friday, November 20, 2009

Mary & AJ - Kiddos - Cincinnati Photography

This time of year, I end up doing much more family shoots than normal with folks gearing up for Christmas. It's always a guessing game when you walk into a kid photo shoot, as each child is SOOO different. Mary & AJ were just adorable. They have the most stunning big beautiful eyes & look like little porcelain dolls. They're also VERY fast. And they like to run in opposite directions. :) Good thing their mom didn't mind me doing a little bribery... I hope they didn't eat ALL the chocolate when they got home, Yvonne! :) Sorry! :)

Anyways, they're just adorable. See for yourself.Big sister sitting pretty.......and little brother playing in the dirt :)This last one doesn't go with our "natural" feeling theme here at all, but it's so stinking cute I had to share anyways....


Kia Gregory said...

The last shot of the little guy is awesome! His hair pops against the green background and the blue at the very bottom adds another nice color pop!

Jasmine* said...

So adorable!! Great job! :)