Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's fun being 2!

....or that's what I hear! :)

This last week I met the "T" family at Whitewater Park in Harrison for some family shots & to capture their adorable son, Emmit, at his ripe new age of 2! Talk about ENERGY! I wish I had 1/8th of the energy that Emmit has! I had so much fun running after him with camera in hand... Here's a little sneak peek for the family from our afternoon together... Emmit has some MOVES!

*As a sidenote... The above is an example of a "Storyboard".... Sometimes I will add in a storyboard design with my portrait clients, or any client can ask for a few design ideas. Storyboards can be printed at any size (the above is an example of a 10x20) and can printed on matboard to be framed & hung, or on a "standout" which is very thick & looks awesome placed on a small easel & set on the shelf!

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