Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Client Appreciation.... (Specials & Giveaways!)

You know those little things in life that just make you smile? Things that regardless of what's going on around you and how terrible certain circumstances may be, you know you can turn to those and feel refreshed?

...Pumpkin Candles
...My son's belly laugh
...The smell after a fresh spring rain
...The dumb jokes my husband makes... that I try to pretend aren't funny :)

...Letters from happy clients.

Here are a few little notes I've received from clients over the last few months.... These kind words mean so much to me!

...All I can say is WOW....all of the shots are amazing and I couldn't be happier!!!! I can't wait to show my entire family and group of friends the pics... I hope we don't lose touch and can do dinner some time to catch-up. I have been telling everyone I know to use you for future events...you are the best!!

...I want to cry they are so amazing. Thanks for making that day soooo memorable for me.

...I'm so excited, you can't even imagine!! I love all the pictures and you have an amazing eye for creativity and detail! Oh-my-gosh, I love, love , love all that you did! thank you for capturing our day!!

...We LOVE the pictures! Your talent, spirit and passion for what you do is soooo apparent.

...Yaaaaaay! They are AWESOME!!! :-) I don't know how I'm ever going to decide which ones I want to display in our house!! ...when my friends get engaged, you will be HIGHLY recommended :-) Thank you sooooo much for everything! We have loved working with you!

...Thank YOU so much for coming out and taking these wonderful pictures..... I'm just getting super awesome feedback which makes me feel so beautiful. It was totally our pleasure to meet you and share this with you. You are absolutely my inspiration for photography.....I am going to keep working at it and hopefully someday I can shoot like you!

...YOU ARE SO TALENTED IT MAKES ME SICK!!!! UNBELIEVABLE....I don't know how you do it....I look amazing!!! It took me a minute to realize it was ME!!!!!

...my photographer is AMAZING and the best around - hands down, no questions asked! She makes everything look gorgeous!

Thank you so much to those of you who have also taken the time to write reviews about my services on sites such as Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Wedding Book.

I love you all! :)

Now, as some of you may remember, last year on my birthday I did a drawing for a free shoot.... Well, this year I decided to do it up a little more and celebrate for a few weeks! :) My birthday is on the 27th of this month (...and oddly enough, I'll be turning 27... Yikes) so check the blog LOTS over the next few weeks for SPECIALS and GIVEAWAYS!!!! Horray!

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