Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "W" Kiddos - Cincinnati Photographer

My sweet friends Amy & Steve asked me to photograph their two little ones, which I was of course more than happy to do! They're such great kids, and adorable to boot, so this was easy-peasy for me. :)

Mitchell could be considered one of my little Noah's first "friends".... I have no idea if they actually have ever played "together" but they see each other weekly & Noah talks about "Mitcheee" when he knows he'll be seeing him soon. That counts, right? Abigail is such a beauty already.... Steve, you better be prepared! :)

This next is a set of shots that I did with this in mind.... These 3 NEED to hang on your wall together, Amy... They're so cute! (I wish this dumb blog would let me post this larger! You get the idea at least...)
Stay tuned in a few weeks when Mitchell & Abigail gain a new sibling & we have some newborn photos to shoot!
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rachelhockey said...

those kids are so stinking adorable!! can't wait to see their new sibling :)