Saturday, November 8, 2008

Erin - Trash the Dress Cincinnati

My last blog was Erin's boudoir session..... (Click HERE if you missed it). After her boudoir was over, we headed out for a Trash the Dress session with her! TTD Sessions are SO much fun.... I know that "Trash the Dress" sounds a little scary, but trust me (from personal experience!) you can go anywhere you want with this sort of session, including a quick trip to the dry cleaners & you're good to go again. (Others... myself included... like to REALLY trash it!) It's totally up to you!
If you're just now joining in, I spent last Sunday with a great group of photographers (Allie, Chris, Annie & Toby, Cailyn, Sheila, and Sarah) and we did several sessions in one day... It was awesome! Click their names to be shot over to their websites!

....and now, Erin's TTD!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! We miss you! :)

Rachel said...

amanda, you make me want to be a model :)