Friday, November 14, 2008

Trash the Dress... the other side of the lens.

So I was thinking that some of you following along with my blog may be seeing these outrageous Trash the Dress shots from my last few posts and be a little freaked out. You may be saying "who would do that do their dress?!" Well... I would :o)

A month or so ago, I went out with my photographer friends Annie & Toby from Varland Photography (click HERE to check out their site!) and 6 years after the wedding, I too trashed my dress. Here was my thought process with this decision:

#1: I wanted some funky shots of me in my wedding dress that, unfortunately, I did not get from my wedding day.
#2: My dress has been sitting in a garbage bag in the floor of my mothers closet for 6 years feeling very unused and ugly. I felt bad for it.
#3: I don't plan on asking my daughter (should I ever have one) to wear it, as I'm sure it will be terribly out of style.

I decided to take the dress out for one last spin around the block. We shot a LARGE array of photos... Most of which didn't even dirty the dress. If I would have decided to keep it in hopes of the daughter coming & the style changing, I could have taken it to the dry cleaners & it would have been good as new. (This is an option! Just because it's called "Trash the Dress" doesn't mean it actually has to be trashed... I've thought of changing the name just because it sounds so scary).

Most of my shoot was like this - the dress was still totally clean!

I wanted to go another step.... Water!

I didn't stop there! If I'm going to do it, you know... Do it right!

I have to tell you, pouring paint on my beloved dress was pretty crazy! It felt crazy, but was SO much fun! My dress will be living on, not just through these photos, but I will also be wrapping a large portion of the painted dress around canvas & hanging it in my bedroom. I'm STOKED about my new pieces of art..... these images & my new wall-art!
Thanks again to the Varland's for helping me Trash my Dress!

Stay tuned for one more posting from our TTD Workshop... this one ends SO good! If you've missed the ones so far, check them out on the posts below!


Annie@VarlandPhotography said...

You were a fabulous model!!! We loved our TTD day with you! = )

Navy Sou said...

Yummy light!!! I'm feelin' the first one!