Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jackie - Trash the Dress Cincinnati

Today's post is the last of a few wrapping up my Trash the Dress event a few weeks ago. So far you've seen Erin's boudoir & muddy TTD session, Andrea's food fight TTD, Sarah's painting extravaganza & tonight I'm sharing Jackie's shoot. If you're just now joining in, I spent time a few weeks ago with a great group of photographers (Allie, Chris, Annie & Toby, Cailyn, Sheila, and Sarah) and we did several sessions in one day... It was awesome! Click their names to be shot over to their websites!

Jackie was really (REALLY) awesome... We started her shoot just as the sun was beginning to set & spent most of our time with her in the pitch dark. She had broken glowsticks all over her & her dress that, to me, gave a "bride with a broke down car on the side of the road" look. I know feeling slimy with the glow stick gunk couldn't have been too great, but she ROCKED it. I mean, she was really incredible & somehow looked absolutely beautiful covered in that goop. Thank you SO much for being a great model, Jackie!

On to the shoot! :o)


Sheila said...

Ok, seriously, I'm lovin' that last one! These look great.

Cailyn said...

Omg, LOVE the sixth one. Seriously.

Great job, Amanda!!