Monday, May 4, 2009

Adelaide - 4 Months

WARNING: If you have baby fever, back away from your computer now! :) This post will only make this feeling worse!

Adelaide is such a perfect little girl. She's so sweet, has the most "chilled" demeanor, and is absolutely beautiful. Her parents are so lucky to have her, and she's so lucky to have such cool parents!

Rachel & Ben are Adelaide's parents, and that makes this shoot even more fun for me. They were my first ever engagement shoot and one of the first weddings that I shot alone. Follow that with their maternity photos, and now, their little girl's pics. How cool is that?! I feel SO special when a family refers to me as "their" photographer, and I love that I get to document this family as they change & grow!

I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week visiting family, friends & doing photoshoots! Unfortunately, Tulsa's weather was MISERABLE during my time their.... It rained Every day. Almost all day. Some major roads were closed due to flooding and you could have used a boat in my inlaw's front & back yards... It was nuts. We had hoped to do Adelaide's shoot outside in her grandma's beautiful flower garden, but mother nature had other plans. Inside we went!

On to Adelaide.... I'm serious about this baby fever thing.... She's adorable!

Here's a sneak peek!


The fitness journey said...

OMG, Amanda.... that 1st pic is to die for..... Are you loving the new camera??
-Suzanne Jones
ps- I don't think it would be possible for Rachel to make anything other than beautiful babies...I'm just sayin!!!

Sarah Wellmeier Photography said...

Oh my, so adorable!!!