Friday, May 22, 2009

Five on Friday... and the joy of being young

Here's this weeks Five on Friday:

1. I wore the same outfit to the last two weeks weddings (washed, don't worry) and if I don't get creative soon (i.e. within the next 8 hours), it's going to be three weeks. But still, here I sit blogging instead of tearing through the boxes of clothes still unpacked in my office & bedroom.

2. My mother-in-law and cousin have been in town this week and have been SO helpful. Taylor has spent many hours entertaining Noah while I worked, painted, and continued to unpack. Lee, my mother-in-law, has helped paint (okay, so she did most of it herself), washed my dishes every day, and fixed my leaky air conditioner. ...and bought me a new awesome set of pots & pans. She's this weeks hero :)

3. I've had more Pepsi in this last week than I have had in all my years of life combined.

4. I'm looking forward to a little pre-wedding meal at Mokka with Cailyn tomorrow before shooting an evening wedding.

5. Today I had a family shoot... We did some shots in town, and then went down some back roads to a creek to let the boys really be boys.... They liked that MUCH better :) Because every blog is better with a photo or two, here's the adorable boys, Lance & Max, doing what boys do best.....


Jennifer Smith (Mom of Lance & Max) said...

Only 2 you tease?! Seriously, I had so much fun today even though the kids were tired and it was hotter than shiznizzle!! You made me (us) feel so important and special. I know family shoots are a challenge for you but I think everyone needs to have this done by YOU! Thank you so much for capturing our families' personality.

Anonymous said...

Its very Huckleberry Finn... LOVE IT!!! What sweet boys.
_Suzanne Jones