Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gary & Ashlee - (Mini) Engagement Session

This post is a special one for me.... Gary and my husband, Hayden, grew up together and have been very close for alot of years. He was actually the best man in our wedding. I can remember during our rehearsal the night before our wedding seeing a teary-eyed Gary... I remember him saying how happy he was that Hayden had "done well" and found what he was looking for in a woman.... I remember Gary saying that he wanted the same for himself.

Enter Ashlee.

Since we now live so far from Gary, we don't get to see him much. There was a point in time when he practically lived in our house (or so it felt) and I referred to him as my "son"... Mainly due to fixing him lots of meals and then cleaning up the Doritos crumbs from under my couch that he left behind (you knew I'd mention it, Gary!). Since those days many years ago, we've moved across the country & therefore, this was my first time to meet Ashlee!
I have to say, I was pretty nervous! A little bit of a motherly-instinct came out in me & I wanted to be sure that this was a good match for him. Ashlee passed all of my tests with flying colors... She has the best demeanor, she's so sweet, and is beautiful inside & out. Not only did I meet Ashlee, but also had the chance to sit down with her parents & they're equally as wonderful. I am so so SO happy for the new life these two will share together and SO happy to have another girl to sit and listen to Hayden & Gary's crazy childhood stories with me :)
Gary.... you've done well.
A few of my favorites from our "mini-session" (fit in at the last minute with only a little time...)


Annie said...

Love that first pose!!! You rock!

Cam said...

Great shots Amanda! So cool to see Gary again... even if just in pictures.

Anonymous said...

These are sweet. Of course the mother of the future bride would say that, but what would you expect with Ashlee and Gary and then having Amanda taking the pics!
Thanks Amanda, we are so excited you will be taking the wedding pics also. Welcome Hayden and Amanda to our family.
Terry Allen